Saturday, April 14, 2012

the destruction of poverty

i have blogged about Doña Juana before. an elderly woman friend of ours who seems to be dying in her bed right now. she is a widow and an orphan, has no family. we are trying to move her to a better home where she can be cared for and fed, but she doesn't want to. the people she lives with now treat her terribly. but she is old and stubborn... we're not sure what to do.

last week our college team from KI4TK was in town - they spent a day working with the 12x12 love project ministry on a family's house. they painted, installed a sink, a kitchen, a stove, etc. chris just told me that yesterday the husband died. he recently had his leg amputated and the gangreen infection that followed left him dead.

we just got word that some friends of ours are HIV positive. God only knows how long they have had the disease. how do people living in extreme poverty even know?

thursday morning 2 boys from magdalena left to walk to school and never came back. they have been missing for 2 days now. recently in our little village of buena vista, people have been driving through the village trying to steal children to be sold. one guy even offered a woman cash for her baby. based on these increased cases, the 2 boys who are missing are presumed to have been stolen to be sold on a black market.

all of this has happened in one tiny town in guatemala, in just the last 48 hours.

God, help us to help the poor. we read it in your word, we know that you ask (demand) it from us. but help it infect our heart and consume our thoughts, provoking us to action.

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