Thursday, October 4, 2012

davis home project update

After a slight tweak of plans, we are down to only $2,000 needed to finish the construction project for the Davis home!  Plus a little more to help them with appliances...

Heeding some counsel from many, we've decided to go ahead and add a kitchen into the Davis home.  The upside is that it will allow our families to wake up and start our days with some brief family time, and close out the evenings with some as well, when needed.

Thank you for letting us share this new journey with all of you!  The idea has been changed and tweaked a few different times now, but we think we're settling in on where God has been leading us.  

Many loved and trusted friends have given this advice, to allow for separate spaces to be together around the table as families as needed.  In addition, with as many visitors as we have, it will allow for each of us to host company without being on top of one another the entire time.

We are no less excited about getting communal in our approach, and are excited to begin sharing life with the Davis'!  

Please let us know if you would like to help out in this area!!  You can make a donation by clicking here, and noting "Davis Family Home" in your check memo, or in the paypal information box.

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