Thursday, October 11, 2012


i may not be "liked" very much for this one...

i was looking for some information on a friend, and decided i'd browse my wife's facebook page to try to find it.  i was mesmerized.

the most ridiculous waste of time i have ever witnessed in my life - and it sucked me in for more than a half an hour!

i have never seen more nonsense.  if the posts weren't shallow or self-absorbed (look what i did today! look what i ate today! look what i saw today! guess how i feel today!)...  they were at a minimum pointless.  i felt like i was in the online version of a 10-minute class-change during high-school.

maybe i am just lame and not getting it.  but even among the social network of my own wife (whose judgment i trust more than anyone's) i couldn't believe the silliness of the content.

it would be one thing if facebook was a casual and well managed tool.  i'm sure for many of you that's exactly what it is.  but lots who facebook are straight up junkies.  if not posting constantly, they are checking in constantly.  obsessed with what comments their posts are getting, where their "like" count stands, or simply what the latest chit-chat is.
as i scrolled my wife's account i did notice a few nice posts - sharing a family photo, asking for prayer, or wishing a friend happy birthday.

but i would estimate somewhere around 90% was pure junk.  just like during that high-school class change, everyone is into what everyone else is doing and saying, and apparently pretty consumed by how many people "like" them.

my little experience gave me a simple reminder as to why i don't facebook.  it's not that i think it's inherently bad or wrong.  i know there are benefits.  and my wife is a great example that it can be managed well.  but for me, i just don't see sacrificing the 90% for the 10...  seems to add up to a lot of wasted time.

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