Thursday, April 5, 2012

update on jose


jose is back. it has been a strange, interesting experience. they dodged meeting with us at first. then jose came to our house begging us to not talk with his brother b/c he was worried he would beat him up - so we waited and prayed, asking God what we should do. then finally mynor and i both felt certain we needed to talk with them, so we waited until 7:30pm one night until he got home from work and walked over to his house.

as we walked the dark narrow path leading back to jose's house, a man in a with a hood over his head came towards us. he kept his head towards the ground so we couldn't see who it was. as we crossed one another, i said "are you jose's brother"? he stopped, looked at us, and finally said yes.

we all walked back to his house, where it was pitch black - felt like it was 2:00 in the morning. not sure how to explain that, but later on mynor and i both shared with each other that we felt the same thing. dark, creepy... just didn't feel right back there.

as we talked, we both sensed the enemy was at work. jose and his brother were not at peace. they were angry with each other. we couldn't tell who was lying. jose cried. his brother went on and on...

finally, we stopped and asked if we could just pray for them. we prayed that God would intervene in that very moment, come to us in that place, and heal this broken home. heal this broken relationship between brothers. make them friends again. help them love one another again. we prayed that no matter what happens with jose at the academy, that this home would have peace, and relationships would be healed.

we left.

that night, around 10pm, i was on the couch talking with kerrie and i heard from the window jose's voice yelling my name. i went to the door and invited him in. with a giant smile on his face, all he said was "i'll be here tomorrow for school and practice."

i made him come inside for a minute... he said his brother and him "made up" and his brother told him that the best thing he can do for his future is to go back to the academy.

we're praising God for his immediate response, and continuing to pray for peace over this home and family. it is a dark environment back where jose lives, the neighbors, family members, uncles, etc. both mynor and i felt it strongly that night. and we believe its for this very reason that jose will eventually be the "light" to go in and light up the darkness.

thanks for your prayers.

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Glory to God!!