Monday, May 14, 2012

working at it

had a good conversation with a friend tonight...  i was explaining why i haven't blogged in a while.  mostly because a lot of recent updates would probably come across as "negative" and i am typically hesitant to post them (i journal those privately!).  he made a comment that i tucked away as a gem.  "God doesn't expect you to change the world every day - just to engage it."

i like that.  and i think by engaging it, we change it.  maybe not all at once, but at least little by little.

lately we've had our share of challenges at the boys academy.  the little guys (ages 9-13) have been awesome - very little problems whatsoever.  they are passionate, excited to be rhinos, dedicated and devoted to the program. their hearts are soft and they are anxious to learn.

its the older boys (14-17) that have been difficult lately.  in this culture, by 15 or so, you are a grown man.  to say there is some resistance to discipline and commitment is an understatement.  and because our program is "voluntary" we have had some fallout.  mostly because of outside pressures (usually from the "street" or from dad) and some from simple rebellion.  we love these kids and we fight for them, but there are times where we have no choice other than to let them go.

personally these things can get me down.  i guess thats why my friend's comment came as an encouragement.  its a reminder to keep doing what we are doing.  engage these boys, their families, this village.  be in their lives every day.  also to remember that big, obvious, "wonderful things" aren't going to happen every day.  just keep working, keep grinding away.  work hard without growing weary, and know that the fruit will reap in due time.  i think thats true for all of us.

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