Wednesday, July 4, 2012

bvsa daily chapel time

mynor, anthony, and brock with the boys before a game
a couple months ago, we initiated a daily "chapel" time into the daily schedule at the boy's academy.  we decided that a short, daily approach made the most sense.  its been great so far. we're trying to stay focused on a topic for at least a week, teaching straight from the bible.  we've spent a week on trust, fear, respect, and integrity.  we also did a week of testimonies that ended up being very special.

the boys are hearing stories from the bible for the first time, learning about david & goliath, daniel, joseph, and jesus.  most (if not all) of them had never heard the most common bible stories.

we know that God's word never returns void...  so now that we have been up and running for more than a year, gained trust and built relationships with the boys, we are beginning this specific attempt to plant seeds of God's word in their hearts on a regular basis.

we're not expecting any miracles right out of the gate...  but please pray with us that the seeds take root and eventually initiate deep change, genuine salvations, and become building blocks to create godly men of integrity.

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