Sunday, July 29, 2012

encouragements from the parents meeting

jhoni, cheeks, salome, milton, denilson
tonight we had a parents meeting at the boy's academy.  for me, it was our first parent meetings to get overwhelming positive remarks from the parents.  its been over a year now and i am beginning to feel like we are beginning to build some trust with the parents.  it was so encouraging.

i wrote down some of their comments as they spoke - check this out!!

pato & josue's mom:  "i want you to know that we think of you like our own family.  when pato and josue are up here, we know that they are learning good things, and we know that they are safe.  if it weren't for the academy, i know they would be on the street.  they love being rhinos and they love being here.  thank you for treating them like your own family."

guicho's dad:  "the opportunity you are giving my son is amazing.  i want you to know that i support you 100% and i will continue encouraging my son to give his all for you.  a lot of us need our boys to work to help support the family, but i will never make guicho work so that he can continue in the academy.  thank you for all you are doing for my son."

vielman's (cheeks) mom:  (with huge tears in her eyes) "i was sitting there watching the slide show of all the places you have taken my son, and i just want to say thank you.  there is no way in the world we could ever take him to the beach, to an amusement park, or a professional soccer game.  thank you for loving him and caring enough to take them outside of our village to see things."

marvin's mom:  "my son has changed since being here.  he is learning how to be kind, love his brothers and sisters.  his grades have gone way up and he says its because of the help he gets at the "Rhinos".  he talks to us more and is more respectful around the house.  i know that what you are doing is changing him. thank you and i praise God for you and your work."

alex & luver's dad:  "if it weren't for this academy i dont know if my sons would still be here. they have had opportunities, but they want to be Rhinos.  thank you for caring for them and for teaching them God's Word.  they have a much better chance of having a good life now."

juan's dad:  "the support we feel for our son from you guys is incredible.  he is growing up with a chance that i never got.  thank you for helping change his life.  he loves it here and tells about you guys all the time.  you are making a huge impact in his life, i just dont have the words to describe it."

jhoni's mom:  "jhoni is a totally different kid.  he is respectful at home, helps us out more, and obeys.  he cares about school now.  he tells us what he is learning about the bible. we are so thankful to God and you all for this opportunity.  thank you, we will always support you and we will never make jhoni go to work because we want him to stay in the academy. we feel like this has given him a real chance to succeed."

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Lisa Watterson said...

Awesome! I'm so glad for you to get such encouragement!
I know for me as a parent it is a gift to have teachers and youth leaders and coaches that truly love and care for my son. These adults have made such an impact on my son, especially his character, and I am humbled and grateful.
You are a gift to the families of Buena Vista.