Thursday, August 23, 2012

exactly where we're supposed to be

its a great feeling when you know that you've never been more sure - that you're exactly where you're supposed to be.

despite all the issues and challenges that come with the territory, i love what i do.  i love these boys.  i love them when they do something well (improve in their grades, ask a great question during chapel), and i love them when they screw up.

i love the nuances of their personalities.

i love it that i know them so well, that i can tell when something is wrong.  and also when they are faking, lying, or hiding something.

sounds a lot like parenting!

that's our commitment - to treat them as our own.  share their burdens, joys, and sorrows.

today included an emergency hospital run for a sister of one of the rhinos who was in labor, checking in with a teacher, a check-up on one who is sick, 2 being punished, a lot of laughs, and some serious talks.

just knowing that you're exactly where you are supposed to be...  makes the hard days more do-able and the challenges more manageable.  it gives you energy for the daunting task that is in front of you.

i am thankful for clarity for where we are as a family, and where we are focused as a ministry.  thankful for the leivas and their shared passion and commitment.  and for the davis' who are on the way to help share the load.

together, with the other families on the ground working towards different initiatives, we are making a difference.  slowly but surely.  may God be glorified, and may the future generations reap the benefit.

i can't wait to see these boys as young men with families, following Jesus, loving their kids, respecting their wives, and bringing light to darkness.

just the thought reminds me that we're exactly where we're supposed to be.

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