Friday, August 17, 2012

softer hearts

team leader Sarah headed down the slip N slide with Axel
a team from savannah left this morning after spending a week with our family and the rhinos.

one thing i love seeing happen during weeks like this is how the boys' hearts soften.  something about the combination of:

- slip n' slide 
- twister
- daily worship
- human foosball
- prayer
- soccer (of course)
- mini bow-and-arrow fights
- delivering food baskets and good news...

add it all together, mixed with a lot of love...  and hard hearts tend to soften.

when boys, many of which who are abused at home, are genuinely loved on by grown men...  their hearts soften.

this team left the boys feeling special, appreciated, and loved.  this team left us with hearts just a bit softer than they were before, and that is something we can work with!

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