Tuesday, September 11, 2012

a 5th grader's justice

"Alone: We Are Nothing"
more than a year ago, my son asked me a question.  "dad, why do you and mynor get under armor shirts for the coaches but not for the boys?"

i explained that its too expensive since their are so many boys in the academy.  he responded that he didn't think it was fair...  and that he was going to save his money so that he could buy all the boys an under armor shirt.

keep in mind this was coming from a 10 year old kid.

he asked me the price of the shirts, did the math, and came up with his number.

"Together: We Are Rhinos"
for over a year now, he has saved every penny.  seriously.  he has not bought himself a single thing that i can recall.  birthday money, chore money, report card money...  everything he's earned he has tucked into his sweet, velcro tony hawk wallet.

a couple weeks ago, after improving in 11 of 12 classes, he finally earned enough money to buy a new under armor shirt for his entire 15 member team.

i heard him scream from his room "cabal! cabal!" which in guatemala slang-spanish is like saying "bam! exactly!"

he came running out of his room to count it out in front of me.  his excitement was overflowing.

i have to admit, until he actually reached his goal, i hadn't given it that much thought.  

but as i watched my now 11 year old boy literally beaming as he counted the money, the awesomeness of the moment overwhelmed me.

he could have been saving for a wii, an ipod, or new shoes.  but none of that stuff matters to him.  he wanted to share it.  he wanted these boys, who could never otherwise know the plush feeling of an under armor shirt, to have one of their own.  justice mattered to him, and was worth sacrificing for.  in his 5th grade perspective, this would set things right.

the simple reason for his actions: "because its not fair."

and he was right.

he chose a shirt that has a message about teamwork, and i can't think of a better teammate than jake.

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