Thursday, January 17, 2013

learning how to play ball

outsized but not outplayed
we opened up are season last saturday at a private soccer academy in guatemala city.  our jv rhinos are playing a 10 game season in the 11-12yr old bracket.  however, the organizers of the tournament made a mistake and scheduled our first game against a team in the 13-14 bracket.

to put this in perspective, when we play against boys our own age they tower over us.  we are coming into these “city leagues” from a small, poor, indegenous village.  we’re already significantly out-sized.  so to play up an age-bracket creates quite the size disadvantage.

the ref came over to us and explained the problem.  finally, he said “its probably not a good idea.  in fact, the coach of the other team said his boys feel bad playing against you guys because your boys are so small.”

like any good coach, we turned to the boys and said "lets do this."

we went for it, even though the academy agreed to give us an outomatic “W” if we chose not to. 

about 5 minutes in the game their was a clear “oh crap” moment on the faces of the opposing team.  it was like they realized all at the same time that the "little boys" came to play.  it was beautiful.

the first half was tight, we were down 2-3.  but we turned it around in the second, and beat them handedly, 8-5. 

afterwards, a guy who was in the stands, who runs another league in the city, approached us and invited us to play in his tournament. 

our boys are learning how to play ball.


Vicki said...


Lisa Watterson said...

That's awesome! I bet the jv rhinos were smiling for days!

pops said...

makes me so proud of those boys!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Rhinos! Miss those boys! Mark Griffin