Tuesday, March 19, 2013

dads being dads

coaching with babies in tow
God's timing is interesting and perfect.

i would have never thought we'd have a 4th child, 11.5 years after our youngest of 3!  but here we are with a precious, new, beautiful baby girl.

noah is now 1yr old (mynor & walda's son).  and paul and jessica have 4 girls, the youngest of which is 4 yrs old.

my point about God's timing is this:  God wants the Rhinos (the boys of the boys academy) to watch and experience dads being dads.

its something they have never seen.  that sounds like an extreme statement, but the longer i am here, the more i am convinced of it.  they don't have a clue what being a daddy means.  even those that have fathers - don't have daddy's.

after seeing me kiss jake the other day, one of the boys (who has a mom & dad - a better situation than most) told me that he doesn't remember his dad ever hugging or kissing him.  my heart broke.  me kissing my son made him reflect on the fact that he'd never known such affection in all his life.

i'm sure the way that me, mynor, and paul are with our own kids must seem bizarre to them.  this picture kerrie snapped today during varsity practice says it all!

example is so much stronger than words.  i am thankful to have 2 great men/fathers/husbands to work alongside - giving the boys the daily examples they need in their lives.


Unknown said...

Love it.

Unknown said...

Love it.

The Gall Family said...

Brock we are grateful daily for you and the amazing families you work with.....continue to plant seeds....what God is doing through you matters!