Monday, March 11, 2013

daily devotions - pornography

paul talking with joni
please be in prayer for us as we have been focussing on sexual sin and pornography with the boys during daily devotions.  God has brought this to our attention recently with the several of the boys.

living in poverty does not protect a young man from this powerful attack of the enemy.  it finds a way inside homes by way of videos, magazines, etc.  with not much else to do in a poor rural village, it can be a captivating way for a boy to pass the time.  meanwhile, the awful darkness is infiltrating his heart with images that are impossible to wash from his mind.

i am thankful to be working with two men who i love and trust.  together, mynor, paul and i are hitting the subject matter head-on.  nothing is off limits.  boldly open and honest, the way it should be.

at first, the boys thought we were crazy.  no one talks about this stuff here.  in a poor legalistic society, you keep your junk to yourself.  you pretend all is well, always.

by the end of the 2nd week, all of the varsity boys have admitted they struggle with this.  they are talking, sharing.  the holy spirit is working.  satan must hate it.  darkness coming out into the light...

please be in prayer with us...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Brock,
Was hoping it would not be as big an issue there as it is here in the US.