Tuesday, April 2, 2013

good news & bad news

light in the darkness
the other day night i got a visit from one of our varsity rhinos. in tears, he shared that he and his brother had busted his dad in a relationship with another woman.  long story full of details...

as he cried, he asked me "why? why would he do this to us? why can't he just love my mom and respect her?  why aren't we good enough for him?"

to put this in perspective, we live in a village where virtually ALL of the men do this.  it is commonplace.  women are slaves to cooking, raising kids, and having sex.  they don't have much more value than that.  the men abuse them terribly.

so this 16yrs old is used to this.  it is nothing unusual - he has seen it all his life.

but hidden in this dark story is a ray of light.  

for the last 2 years, this young man has heard about jesus.  he has heard about loving and respecting women, being a good husband and father.  

the fact that this young man was upset at his dad is a big deal.

so often we have to take the bad with the good.  the bad news: another Buena Vista man is destroying his family.  the good news:  his oldest son is on his way to breaking the abusive chain that has been repeating itself for generations.