Monday, June 17, 2013

father's day

happy father's day, dad.  i love you.

i had a great day today with my family.  we went into the city and saw a movie. we had a blast.  i've got awesome kids...

but father's day is an interesting holiday where i live.  its a town without many good fathers.  absence, abuse, addiction...  all destroy families in the village of Buena Vista.  i pray that one day this place is known for its strong men of integrity.

men walking down the street holding their wives hands.
men pouring into the lives of their kids.
men honoring God with their choices.
men cheering their kids on in soccer leagues instead of abandoning their families while they play soccer their entire day off.
men serving their neighbors.
men loving Jesus.

i received a few letters from some of our boys here in the academy - typical father's day-type notes, saying "happy father's day, i love you, thanks for all you do."

i am brought to tears as i realize that one of these was written at school, intended for his real father.


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