Tuesday, November 19, 2013

axel can drive!

if you have ever visited the boy's academy since the day we opened, you have met axel.

he graduated from the academy last year, and has been working with us (while studying) ever since.  he says the academy changed his life.  he told me yesterday, "after learning the bible, and how to be a man of integrity from my coaches, my life will never be the same."

he is studying to be a school teacher, and has already received the promise from a close friend and supporter of BVSA to pay his full-time salary with us if he graduates.

all of us at the boy's academy love and trust axel.  he's truly a special young man.

recently, with some help from a sponsor, we were able to put him through driving school.  and yesterday, he received his license!

he told us that he is the first person ever in his family to have a driver's license.  in fact, he said he doesn't even know anyone (other than us) that has ever had a driver's license!

it's a simple thing, but another sign that things are moving forward.

congratulations axel!  (and no, you can't borrow my car yet)

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Anonymous said...

Felicitaciones, Alex! Muy contenta por ti, y a lo mejor nos manejas alrededor cuando vayamos en Septiembre 2014!