Wednesday, November 6, 2013

dance revolution

its been something we've talked about a lot, and really enjoyed being a part of over the past few years.

its the evolution of the boys' willingness to express themselves freely.

sadly, free expression and wide-open childlike fun is not very acceptable around our village.  in the home, overbearing, addicted, and/or abusive men in the home tend to choke out any chance of that.

besides, if you are over 5 years old, its time to start working.  no time for dancing, full-out laughter, pretending, daydreaming, acting, or singing...

at the boy's academy, while we do run a disciplined and structured program, we work hard to create an environment that encourages the boys to open up, be free, and express themselves.

time and time again, music and dancing has been something that has captivated the boys and encouraged freedom and fun.

WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO that shows some highlights from our living room in the academy house the past few nights...

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