Friday, November 29, 2013

thank you: bvsa christmas wish-list

THANK YOU for your response to the christmas wish-list email we sent out a couple weeks ago!!  it has been amazing to see the donations come
in!!  such a blessing for all of us here at the academy.

there are still several items not yet sponsored...  so if you are interested in giving a christmas gift to the boys academy this year, check out this link!

attaching the email we sent out below:
we recently asked our ministry team what their "wish list" would be for 2014, in order to do their jobs better, and help the academy run more efficiently.  some items were normal, end-of-year things that we always need, and others were new ideas.  

the ladies all had needs for the classrooms, hector had "wishes" for his job, johanna in the kitchen, and of course for soccer and facilities.  in addition, our teams-hosting ministry has some needs!

if you are interested in sending the boys academy a christmas gift this year, there are still several items yet to be sponsored.  please check out our 2013 BVSA Christmas Wish List!

bvsa is a 501c3 nonprofit, run and operated 100% by donations.  all gifts are fully tax deductible!

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