Sunday, March 30, 2014

2 extremes; 2 great games

i haven't posted in a while.  its just been a crazy time.  lots going on. we are running crazy trying to get everything in order to take our little guys to honduras for a big tournament.  please be praying for us this tuesday as we plan to spend the entire day at the immigration offices with all 30 rhinos and their parents!

this pic captures the size disadvantage

speaking of the little guys...

a couple weeks ago we were in guatemala city playing in a soccer tournament.  the other team was late, so we were on the field, in positions, when they finally arrived.

as they came in, they started laughing at our boys, who were obviously significantly smaller than them.  any time we play in guatemala city, this is the case. 

we're tiny, and dark skinned, so we always get some attention.

one time, a lady came up to me and asked if our boys were little mayan indians.

this time, we could hear them as they came in the gate...

"you have to be kidding... we're playing these little kids?"

"coach - are we seriously playing these guys?"

"we're going to kill them (laughing)!"

their coach even ran over to ask us if we were sure we were playing in the correct category.

60 minutes later...  los rinos: 3, other team: 1

and the score doesn't even do it justice.

if someone would have been keeping "time of possession", it would have been super lopsided.  we controlled the whole game.  working the ball like crazy... tight triangles, making their big boys run until they were exhausted.

sometime its a blast being the underdog!


one week later we played the all-select team from antigua.  that means, of the dozens of teams in antigua, these were the single best players from each team.. put together on one BEAST of a team.

we lost 9-0.

they were unreal.  all of them were huge.  all of them were fast.  and they played our style of ball.  passes, possession, formations, etc...

our boys fought hard and never gave up.  but this team didn't have a weak spot.  we were outmatched in every single position.

we were proud of how our boys scrapped.  games like these are so good for them.

it was a great experience and a good reminder (after their big win the week before) that we have a lot of work to do. 

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