Monday, April 14, 2014

stronger on the other side

the ups and downs that come with raising 30 boys continue.

2 of my favorite boys (am i allowed to have favorites?) did something beyond stupid a couple weeks ago.  something that contradicts countless devotions and simple talks we've had with the boys over the years regarding respecting girls.

over much prayer and discussion, we decided to expel them from the academy indefinitely.  what they did goes against everything it means to be a rhino in this community, and tarnishes the reputation of the academy.  so from an "organizational" standpoint, we felt we had no choice.

i hate legalism.  so the sound of "kicking out the sinner" just makes me feel sick.  we're all sinners.  i did similar stuff when i was their age.  i still do stupid stuff.

so we're going above and beyond to make sure they know we love them. we're having regular dinners, staying close, trying to disciple them through this.  how they grow, react, and change through this can earn them a return to the academy eventually, and they know that...

but at the same time, these 2 boys are nearing 18 years old.  they are young men.  they must learn that there are consequences for dumb decisions.  do stupid stuff like what you did, and you get fired from your job, etc.

but more important than that, they need to learn that the rights of the girl they hurt with their actions must be defended.  she doesn't have a dad that cares.  no one is speaking up for her... defending her... or protecting her.

that's our job.  its not only the right thing to do, but its also the best way i can think of to teach our boys how to respect women, and how to be good husbands and fathers.

please pray for them with us.  while they are not participating in the academy every day, they are out in the streets more, working in fields, and surrounded by the men of BV all day long.  temptation will be stronger without the daily community, devotions, and encouragement they get in the academy.

our prayer is that they make it through this, grow from it, and come out stronger on the other side. 

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