Wednesday, July 30, 2014

a few recent happenings

i feel like i can't even catch my breath lately.  lots of ups and downs.  which is normal for us here...  except that lately, the swings have been dramatic!  thankfully there are always ups.  here's a few from the last week or so... 

always fun to give a family some new beds.  in this case (and in most) en entire family was sleeping in the same bed.  now, milton and cristian have their own space to spread out.  they must feel like kings!  i'm sure mom and dad are pretty happy to have their own bed as well...

we invited our neighbors over for dinner and a "white elephant" game the other day.  it was a blast.  grandpa marcos first opened up a pack of toy cars...  but later on was able to steal the gift he had his eye on - a nice warm blanket!

i came home a couple nights ago to an excited group of rhinos who were spending the night... they couldn't wait to show me what they had put together.  using bananagram letters, they put together a chart of "brock's family", which included kerrie, the kids, and their 3 names.  brought tears to my eyes immediately!

this picture was taken when we arrived back at the academy after a successful trip to the US Embassy last week.  our varsity boys were given temporary visas to travel to the US to play in an international soccer tournament!  we praise God for having favor on us at the embassy and during this process (many were being denied, including other soccer teams).  we believe that he must have a special purpose for this trip.  more details to follow...

our friend cesar has been bedridden for 12 years with a form of spondylitis so severe that his entire spine has fused together.  he has lost the ability to move practically every bone in his body, except for one hand, and his jaw. 

recently, he was having complications and needed to overnight in the hospital for treatment.  (not an easy situation since it is extremely painful for him to have to be moved.) 

as i drove him home, i listened to him in the back of the van, preaching God's goodness the entire way home.  despite the overwhelming pain of the ride, he shared about God's grace and the saving love of Jesus.  some friends were visiting from the states and had gone with us that day.  spencer (facing forward) could barely take it - sobbing uncontrollably the entire way home.  he later told me that cesar's words and example forever changed his life.

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