Saturday, July 5, 2014

world cup in brazil

alex, chad, me, and mynor at the argentina game
not long after the 2010 world cup, my bro chad and my buddy alex - both longtime supporters of my family and BVSA since its inception - threw out an offer.

they told mynor and i that if we could save up some money between then and 2014's world cup in brazil, they would cover the rest of the costs and take us to the cup.  we tucked away little by little for 3 years.

we recently got home from a 10 day trip to brazil.  we saw 4 games in two different cities.  in those games we were able to see 4 of the final 8 teams that are still alive in the cup! 

we saw lionel messi single-handedly win a game for argentina in the final minutes.  and we saw the home team, brazil, win a classic against chile that went to penalty shots - with neymar hitting the game winner.
"cristo redentor" - rio de janeiro

we juggled soccer balls on copacabana beach with new friends from all over the world.  and we made it to the top of the mountain where the famous "christ the redeemer" statue overlooks rio de janeiro.  (check that one off the bucket list!)

but my favorite part?  hanging with good friends.  we had a blast.  we laughed so much and so hard, i think i pulled a muscle in my stomach. 

it was wonderful to come home.  i missed my fam and i missed the rhinos.  the boys have been on the edge of their seats for every story, picture, and video we can share about brazil.  they still can't believe that we were at the world cup

for those who know my story, professional sports was my life for a while.  i became immune to athletes, super bowls and pro bowls.  been there, done that. 

juggling on copacabana beach - another bucket lister
but world cup is different.

32 countries and all their fans - all in the same place?  insanity.  flags everywhere.  songs, anthems, and chants fill the streets all hours of the day & night.  pure madness.  if only we got that excited about jesus...

hysterically, the amount chad and alex asked us to save up was literally insignificant when compared to the final bill on this voyage.  THANKS GUYS.  your generosity created a very special experience.  obviously for me and mynor...  but also for all the rhinos that have been glued to my pictures and videos!

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