Tuesday, November 25, 2014

looking back

one of our first soccer camps in BV
we're coming up on another BVSA graduation.  i've been going through old pictures in order to put together a little "video of memories" for this year's graduates.  in doing so, i've come across so many old classics that have gotten me emotional.

its so good to look back.  we focus so much on where we're going, that we don't look back enough... and remember where we were and how far we've come.  whether its our marriage, our business, or our walk with christ...  its important that we take time to reflect.  remember the "old days." remember how different we were, how we've changed, etc.  and just look at old pictures!
joni & oscar on the future BVSA site

as followers of jesus we should be careful not to look back and get high on ourselves for where we currently are.  that would be the wrong motive and could lead toward pride and judging others.  just the opposite, we should recognize how much we've changed/grown, and then long to see even more change/growth over the coming years!

i love looking back at these pictures, seeing what we, and our BV boys, were up to 6+ years ago... and compare it to where we are now. especially as some days can feel so mundane...  it gives me energy to keep pushing!

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