Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the darkness of BV

i already know how deeply rooted this particular problem is in this village.  its the very reason God called us to pour into the hearts and lives of 30 boys every day... teaching them the bible, how to treat women, how to be free from the bondage left by prior generations.

but even knowing that, its still frustrating when a friend of 6 years who i've mentored, counseled, constantly prayed for and prayed with - and seen huge growth by the way - hauls off and beats up his wife for no reason.  literally leaves her black and blue.

kerrie spent the day encouraging her and loving on her. apparently he just had a tough day at work and has some financial issues stressing him out.  all she did was ask what was wrong.  i'm so mad i want to go pound his face into a wall.  and i think i'd be justified in doing so.

but i know its all he knows. i know his dad.  i know his mom. i know his brothers and uncles. violence and abuse is how they have always dealt with things. my friend has seen it his entire life. its been taught to him by example since the day he was born.  ESPECIALLY as it relates to abuse towards women.

please pray for him.  and for me too as we have a scheduled time together this weekend.

but also PLEASE pray with us for the village of buena vista.  contrary to its name, the view isn't always so good here.  this summer we'll celebrate 7 years, and i can honestly say that the longer i'm here, the darker this place gets.  the more horrified i become at the depth of the problems.  i have never seen anything like it.

despite significant progress that has been made, sometimes i feel like this place must be one of the darkest places in the world.  women are beaten and raped on a regular basis... and its talked about casually, like it means nothing.  no one seems to care.  in all of our time here, i've never seen ONE man stand up, or speak out, against it.  ever.

the men are complete asses in this place!  i know its not their fault.  it was handed to them by their dads, and their dad's dads.  but i'm so angry i just want to punch a hole in every last one of them.

God and God alone can save and redeem this place.  i feel extremely honored to have a role in his redemption plan.  but it still feels hopeless sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

praying for you brother in Christ.

Amanda K in Jacksonville cares!