Tuesday, March 17, 2015

small but powerful reminder

the other night i was visiting with one of our previous year's graduates.  the purpose of the meeting was to invite him to the on-site living graduate program that we are starting.  its a transition program for young men (rhino grads) 18-20 years old to have a year or two learning to live independently, working, paying bills, growing in their walk with Christ as they enter adulthood.

anyway, he told me on the spot that he wanted to do it.  "what about your parents?  what do you think they will say?", i asked him.  he responded, "i already know they will support this".  i was a little surprised.  we're expecting some push-back from this from parents, so i was curious why he was so certain...

he went on to explain:  "Brock, a couple of years ago, when my dad stopped drinking and beating up my mom...  he tells me all the time that he changed because of the things i was telling him about.  you know, the things that i was learning here in the academy."

i was shocked.  i know his dad pretty well through playing soccer together.  but out in the street his dad would only head-nod from a distance... never showing any more attempt to be friends than that.

being surprised, i asked him again.  "you share with your dad the things you learn here?  and that's what he says changed him?"  he went on to explain, in detail, that his dad gave up drinking, stopped beating up his mom, smacking the kids, and stopped the affair he was having with another woman - because of the truths from the bible that his son was bringing home from the academy.  he said ever since the change, his mom and their family has been different, and that there home has been a happy place.

teaching the love of Jesus led to the transformation of this particular kid a few years ago.  as a result... it changed his dad.  and as a result... it changed the whole family. 

1 - Gods word NEVER returns void!

2 - i'm encouraged that the Rhinos are sharing with their parents what they are taught here

3 - i am reminded that if the man of the house follows Jesus, salvation comes to the house

4 - thank you God for this very specific and timely encouragement...


The Gall Family said...

Believing all things work together for His good....love it!!!

Ryan Holt said...

That is amazing....those are the stories that keep us going in ministry! Praying for you all and displaying my BV boys sticker proudly on my car :)

TiTO said...

Thank you God for this encouragement! Brock and the Rhinos community you are beautiful love you guys!