Tuesday, April 7, 2015

hearts coming to Christ

my heart is filled with hope as i type.

despite a very difficult last couple weeks, young men are committing their lives to Jesus in a way that we have not experienced since we started the academy over 4 years ago.

while some in the village continue a barrage of rumors, lies, and nonsense about us - the holy spirit has silenced it all.  just a few days ago i found myself crying "poor me"...  and today i find myself praying with the 4th young man in just over a week to give his life over to Jesus Christ.

THANK YOU LORD.  I PRAISE YOU!  may you be glorified in this place!  may your light pierce the darkness!  use these young leaders!  use our varsity captains - both recently reborn and redeemed - to ignite an explosion of faith and love in this village!

why God?  why am i so blessed and privileged to be a part of this?  i can only say thank you Jesus.  i feel so humbled.  and completely overwhelmed by your faithfulness. 

i anticipate more blows, as i am certain the enemy is not pleased.

its all good.  it is so worth it.

i am filled with hope!

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The Bunso Bunch said...

That's awesome!! Praying for your family and those boys!