Tuesday, May 5, 2015

a few recent updates and pics

i don't normally let a month go by in between blogs.  its certainly not because things are quiet here!  much the opposite actually - its been a very busy month!  going to share a few quick updates below for anyone interested :)

luci making faces with great grandpa
we were able to travel to idaho to see my grandparents, who are in their late 80s. we haven't been able to get there as a family in 5 years, so this was a very special time together.

my grandpa was a hard working farmer his entire life.  he now has parkinson's disease and lives in a home where he can get 24-hour care.  he's a complete riot, and still manages to make everyone in the place laugh.  the home is only a mile or two from their house, so my grandma goes to spend time with him there every day.

my grandma is amazing!  we were able to share her 86th birthday with her while we were there.  i've always known my grandma was a saint... but being there this time truly reminded me how special of a lady she is.  once a week, she comes into the nursing home and leads a bible study and worship time for everyone there (she still plays the piano beautifully).  in addition, she leads another bible study and worship time at her church on sunday afternoons - mostly for the older folks who miss singing old hymns!

luci meets her great grandma
the wonderful part is that she devotes much of her life to these studies.  she knows that God still wants to use her to help these people get to know Him before its too late!  she literally spends hours every day reading her bible and preparing.  this amazing farmers daughter and farmers wife could easily be playing bingo all day, or vacationing on sunny beaches as her time winds down... but she knows what a waste that would be.  she is truly an wonderful person and inspired kerrie and i tremendously while we were there.

we were also able to see the young family in washington while we were in the northeast!  we started home-church in florida with the youngs (and others) many years ago.  it was great to catch up with rich, brenda, and their 4 handsome boys!  my highlight was when rich performed an interpretive dance to a michael w smith song.  if you know rich, you know why that is so funny...

so fun to watch these 2 grow up together.  sometimes i wish arranged marriages were still appropriate!  luci and noah love each other and can't get enough time out on the swingset together.  many memories (and hundreds of pictures!) have already been made, and i can't even imagine how many more await....

with the help of some friends back in the states, we were able to purchase some land recently for some local friends in need.  construction will begin soon on their new homes.  while at the closing on the land purchase, i was sitting in the office of my friend boris, who is a nearby attorney we have used many times.  as i looked at the painting on his wall it reminded me about something i love about central america.  here you are free to share your beliefs without any ridiculous outcry from the naysayers.  while guatemala is full of corruption and broken systems, religious freedom is an area that is actually refreshing...

we just returned home from honduras, where BVSA is planting another sports academy for boys through the davis family and axel.  my mind is spinning from all that we saw, learned, and experienced.  but most of all, i feel so proud of our friends for how they are adjusting and working hard toward the mission.  in only 3 months, they have developed many relationships and have become well-known in the community.

while mynor and i were there last weekend, the they hosted a tournament for the boys ages 13 and under in the community.  8 teams full of kids showed up, despite an early downpour.  for me personally, it was a pure joy to watch paul and axel leading the tournament, while jessica and the kids ran around serving people and managing details.

travesia is another dark village where the men have led a culture into deep generational sin.  we believe that's why God led us there, and we are excited to be planting BVSA Travesia in honduras through the davis family and axel!

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