Thursday, July 30, 2015

bvsa honduras update

my family just got back from a quick visit to bvsa-honduras.  more than a "bvsa site visit", it was definitely time to get the families together.  after 2 years together under the same roof, deep friendships were formed and everyone misses each other.  on that front, it was a terrific visit.  all the kids were lobbying for another day or two when it was time to go!

we left BV, guatemala on thursday morning at 4:30am and arrived puerto cortes about 8-9 hours later (a little slower with a 2 year old).  luci was a champ, but man that drive is brutal.  its almost entirely a one-lane road, lots of potholes, and full of semi-trailers that you have to pass one at a time in order to make up any time.  just a miserable drive.  thankfully, no big issues crossing into honduras (its a shady border) and we arrived in time for a late lunch together.

the davis fam is doing well.  they are living life in puerto cortes and travesia, engaging the people, acclimating to the culture and the environment.  you can tell whats legit and whats not in these settings - and their acclimation process has been nothing less than legit.  they are known/recognized right away by many of the locals, and welcomed in the schools, churches, etc..  they are out in the heat, sweating it up and mixing it up with the people every day.  this is critically important, because when bvsa travesia opens its doors, their credibility will have been established.  doesn't mean attacks wont come. but so often the failure of the missionary comes from not truly knowing the people and being accepted by them before trying to help.  our goal is that when the academy opens, paul, jess, axel and the girls are already considered familiar friends. on that note, things are moving forward incredibly well.

jessica and the girls are troopers. their house is hot, and the kitchen is the hottest room.  no AC.  steady 100 degree days.  they don't complain.  there are lots of mosquitoes (they make their own bug spray). they've created a nice home environment where almost everything can be done outside (school, meals, etc) where there is shade and a breeze.  every time i visit them, we spend most of our time outside.  as long as you can find shade, the ocean breeze provides a nice atmosphere.  they are hanging in there and making the best of it all.

axel is doing great.  paul continues to walk him through some things, but overall he is developing into a solid leader.  it was obvious on several occasions how the people in the village respond to him.  neat to see the people treat him as a friend, but also respect him.  we had some great talks while i was there, and overall i am really stoked at how he is coming along.  i love how the davis' and he live and operate as one family.  he is going to be KEY part in this initiative.

no doubt, just like here in BV, life in the mission field just sucks sometimes.
  • their car is constantly broken down with no good mechanics, no guaranteed work and not even a time-frame to know when its will be ready.
  • water (both drinking and tap), electricity, internet, cell service - are all hit or miss on any given day.
  • constant concern for safety.  cant just take a walk, go on a drive, or run an errand without your head being on a constant swivel.  your neighbor is a drug dealer and almost everyone is a crook.
  • virtually no meaningful friendships yet; tough to have deep conversations with people.  and when you try, its of course in another language which makes things complicated.

all of these things - and more - make life tough in puerto cortes/travesia.  but the davis' are doing a great job.  i think back to when mynor and i watched paul engage the community of travesia the first time we were there...  and watching him (all of them) each time i visit reminds me why we all felt certain that God called them to start and lead bvsa-travesia!

please continue to pray for the davis fam, the people of travesia, honduras, and the future boys academy!


Brad said...

Hey. We look forward to our friends visiting with the Davis fam soon and bringing back a personal report. I pray for that one breakthrough conversation with the eat first person Father has appointed. Love to everyone!

The Gall Family said...

Love reading your updates......prayers for everyone!