Monday, July 13, 2015

still working on our USA trip...

we are still working on the details of our US trip.  our applications for visas have been sent in, and we're waiting to hear from the embassy to schedule our interview appointments.

however, the venue for the tournament has changed.  i have already reached out to those who specifically sponsored a boy's trip and received their ok... but wanted to let everyone else know as well.

short version - we were unable to participate in the NY tournament because we have a few kids who are too old.  initially we were told it was no problem at all, but as the time came to apply for visas, we received a completely different message from the tournament leaders.  we were extremely disappointed.

however, our friends at Florida Elite Soccer Academy in jacksonville, FL, have invited us to play in a tournament during labor day weekend!  we are so thankful for this new opportunity.  even though we're still a little bummed about the NY trip, we trust God has his reasons.  and on the bright side, since so many of our friends/family/supporters are near north florida, the boys are thrilled they will be able to see them.

so...  instead of the buildings of NY the boys will see the beaches of FL.  i'm pretty sure they will be out of their minds either way!

please pray with us during this visa application process!  once we have visas in hand, we'll follow up with more information.

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