Thursday, July 2, 2015

a few recent updates...

we had the privelege of baptizing some more young men recently!  ivan, robin, and denilson.

ava luna is the newest member of the family, born may 9th!  congrats to the leiva family.  it is such a joy to have another baby in the house!

been practicing on the dirt field a lot more lately.  its a little tougher to control the ball, but gives us more space to practice 11v11 before our upcoming trip to the states.

can't believe how fast the time goes.  madi is entering her sophomore year in college, and brooke is starting her freshman year.  what happened to my babies?!

we had some friends from lake city, FL stop by recently.  thank you jackson's and friends for sharing your time, resources, and love with the people of buena vista!

love watching these 2 grow up together.  noah and luci are best amigos.

a few shots of everyday life in buena vista.  our friend grandpa marcos, who turned 90 this year and never takes a day off.  luci playing with a friend.  and bvsa tucked away in the guatemala mountains.


Vicki said...

This blog is beautiful! Thanks for the pictures! Lucy and Noah look so happy. Their smiles are contagious! grandpa Carlos is so beautiful. I want him. Please give him the biggest hug from me. And tell him I want him as my grandpa.! tell him Victoria loves him and loves his corn! Please tell the Leiva family congratulations! Ana Luna is gorgeous. Wish I was there and praying for you always. Can't believe the girls are grown. Beautiful smiles and proud and confident. Love you.

Paula Rearick said...

Dear Johnson Family,

So wonderful see you all happy and doing well. I can't believe the girls are starting college! Sarah is at UNF and Olivia is a Senior here in Jax. Take care and God Bless YOU ALL!


Paula Rearick