Monday, August 31, 2015

ready to go

today was madness.  packing up a soccer team for travel might sound easy enough, but try 30 kids from an impoverished village in guatemala who have never packed in their life and don't even have an idea what the concept is.  trust me... different story!

after preparing a million things over the last several weeks, today was final check day.  this is one of many conversations from the day:

me:  what are you going to where when we go to the church?
wilson:  i don't know.
me:  what do you mean you don't know.  we talked about this.
wilson: silence
me:  show me one thing in your bag that you plan to where to the church.
wilson:  holds up underwear, socks, and t-shirt.
me:  what pants are you going to where?
wilson:  silence
me:  pants.  do you plan to where pants? 
wilson:  can i run to my house?
me:  why?
wilson:  to look for some pants.

we are beyond excited to be traveling to the USA with a bunch of boys who, some of which, just this year left their village for the first time.  my prayer:  that God would use this trip to continue developing the boys into better men.  more confident men.  men who can change their village.  i don't know exactly how He will do that, but that is my prayer.

please pray for all of this if you can.  also for walda, who with her 2 babies will be manning the fort alone at BVSA for 10 days.  if you are anywhere near Jacksonville come out and support the Rhinos!!

Come out to Veterans Park on Fri-Sat-Sun and support the boys!

Click here for the game times and directions

** Bring your noise makers! **
** Make signs! **
** Paint your faces! **
** Just show up and cheer! **
** A big crowd will make the boys feel like pros! **


You can also come see the boys share at Emmaus Church 
on Sunday, Sep 6th

- Service begins at 9:30am -


And don't forget our event in the park on Labor Day,  
Monday Sep 7th!

Come hangout, visit, play games with the Rhinos at Veterans Park
Stop by anytime from 1:00 to 4:30pm
*Feel free to bring your lunch
*Drinks will be provided
*Bring lawn chairs
*End time is "sharp" b/c the fields are reserved at that time