Tuesday, November 17, 2015

a few recent updates

jake and milton are pretty popular with the ladies these days!  their firewood ministry to the women of Buena Vista is going strong.  ever since jake was 10 he has been telling me he wanted to this.  now, at 14, he's making it happen.  with some help from some supporters we were able to get a used 4 wheeler.  jake and milton head up into the mountain early in the am to help the ladies cut down their fire wood, then deliver the wood to their homes, so that they don't have to carry it down on their heads. 

been nice to be able to practice outside every once in a while...  thanks to educatebv for sharing your new school soccer field!

 the rainy season seems to be lasting an extra month this year...

i'll never forget, as cesar was going through a very tough time in 2012, he would always tell me that he was praying God would allow him to live long enough to meet luciana andrea.  now, 3 years later, the two of them have a very special relationship.  seriously.  luci doesn't just "go to people" easily... but man, she lights up every time she sees cesar.  needless to say, he absolutely loves it!

 it was great to have kerrie's dad with us for a week in november!

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