Sunday, January 24, 2016

preseason is hard work

ever since the boys academy started, we've been amazed at the toughness of the kids from the village of buena vista.

i'll never forget the first year when mynor, who had only coached american kids at the american missionary school, told me "this is insane.  these boys never stop going, never get tired, and never complain.  this is a coach's dream!"

i've repeated that line dozens of times over the years when telling people about the boys' toughness.

here's a short video from this preseason.  we always start the year with 2-3 weeks without touching a ball.  gotta get in shape - its a long season!


Unknown said...

Wow, I wish I had a fraction of the drive these boys have! I love the drill where one carries another across the gym, puts him down, and then they switch. It really puts things into perspective that they don't even touch a ball for a few weeks. Fitness and teamwork are a great foundation that the boys get to learn from the very beginning!

Vicki said...

Awesome! Go rhinos!

Vicki said...
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