Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Rhino Girls! (Las Rinas!)

one question we have frequently received since starting the boys academy 5 years ago has been, "what about the girls?  why don't you do anything for the girls of Buena Vista"?

it's an innocent question.  and a good question.  it allows us to explain the bigger purpose and vision of what we do.

the boys academy isn't just a rec center that simply provides activities for the boys of BV.  its not "something for the boys to do", therefore seemingly leaving the girls out.  there was never a choice made to do something for the boys instead of the girls.

the most straight forward answer to that question is simple: "we're just doing what we believe God told us to do."  but it also can be said that we believe the boys academy actually is a ministry for the girls of BV.  our prayer and purpose is to make godly men out of these boys.  men who will be loving husbands and fathers.  men who will follow Jesus and break the abusive cycles that repeat themselves in virtually every BV home.

that is what the girls of BV need more than anything else.  simply put, they need real men.  real men instead of punks who abuse their wives and kids and treat them like slaves.  real men who love jesus and adore their families.

and thats our job and purpose at BVSA.  to develop real men. 


that being said...

over the last 5 years we've held a dozen or so "girls soccer camps".  we've tried to do it 2 or 3 times per year.  typically its a saturday-sunday camp, ending with a big tournament.  it's always a blast.  it's also always inspiring - watching these precious and feisty village girls of BV run around barefoot or in plastic sandals - getting after it as if it were the world cup finals.

this year we feel led to take it a step further.  we're forming a team of around 30 girls - "Las Rinas!"  a group of girls that we can get to know better, spend more time with, and who knows...  maybe even eventually play in some real tournaments!

but the best part about it is this:  it was in large part allan's idea.  allan graduated last year after 5 years in our program.  he's a fantastic 19 year old young man, relatively new christian, and undeniably natural coach.  you can read more about allan here if interested.

The Rhino Girls and Coach Allan
we're starting with 2 saturdays per week.  allan will be the head coach.  mynor and i will be assistants.

this is worth celebrating for more reasons than one!  yes, its great to invest in and love on the girls of BV.  we're beyond excited about that.  but its also awesome to see our rhino graduates starting ministries and using their own ideas to serve the people of their village.  i can only imagine what BV might look like if more and more rhino graduates follow allan's lead.

more updates on Las Rinas to follow!

we want to say thank you to our friends at Florida Elite and Creeks Soccer, all of the players and parents who donated, and our dear friends and supporters who did all of the fundraising, filling their homes and garages with gear!  we have outfitted our Rinos and Rinas in full uniforms, cleats, shin-guards, and more, with all that was donated!  Thank you and God bless you!


Unknown said...

I love the fact that this idea came from one of the guys in BV! This shows that God is truly working in the young men's hearts!

Jason Stringer said...

that's so encouraging and inspiring! It gives me chills to think of how Allan is growing more into the strong leader that God is shaping him to be! God's going to use him and so many of the boys to change the atmosphere and the landscape of BV for His glory and we can see glimpses of that now! love you guys! tell Allan I said Hola!

Vicki said...

Yay Allan! Inspiring!

Vicki said...
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