Monday, February 22, 2016

discipleship: leading others to lead

saturday morning i was sitting on my back porch reading, when a text came in from mark.  he was sharing a quote from a book he was reading.  it said:

"serving the poor is a euphemism for destroying the poor unless it includes with it the 
intention of seeing the poor begin to serve others, and thereby validate the words of 
Jesus that it is better to give than to receive."

i thought to myself, "man that is so true, and speaks so much to the heart of what we're trying to do."  i silently prayed and asked God to help us lead our boys to be servant leaders in their community.

Allan coaching
then a thought hit me.  at that very moment, allan was up in the gym running practice for the rinas (our girls team) - which was mostly his idea and commitment.

at that very moment, milton and robin were out on the 4wheeler running the firewood ministry, serving the ladies in the village by carrying their firewood to their homes so they don't have to carry it on their heads.  a ministry jake started, and those 2 have served in from the beginning.

Axel in Honduras
that same morning we were discussing how to implement saturday night "teens nights" in the gym - intended to help keep teenage boys and girls out of temptation at night by simply giving them something else to do.
an idea of julio's

then i thought of another rhino graduate, axel.  our villages first sent missionary!  living in honduras with the davis family to plant another boys academy and help bring the light of Christ to another dark community.

Jesus' discipleship method was to invest several years of his life deeply into 12 men.  during those years he literally gave all of himself to them.  he was preparing them to assume the mantle and carry it forward after his departure.  for several years he gave them all of his energy, time, and love. he was practically with them every day, 24hrs a day.

i like to compare our rhinos to the disciples.  many were uneducated.  they were rough around the edges to say the least.  as i read scripture, i see them as scrappy, dirty, and tough.  some were short tempered.  they didn't understand most of what their leader said.  (oh man, that gives me hope!)

but what thrills me most is what happened after Jesus left them.

after his departure, through the coming of the holy spirit, his disciples shared the gospel in the most passionate, radical and sincere way imaginable.  they took the gospel to the nations.  they ignited the world on fire.  nothing could stop them.  they took on haters, governments and rulers.  they were fearless.  

and the world hasn't been the same since. 

for the glory of God, our role at our little academy in buena vista will be completed someday.  God already knows who will lead it into the next generations.  they will continue shaping boys into godly men, and freeing families from the abusive cycles that have produced destruction for so long.  they will be the missionaries and spiritual leaders in their community and beyond.  

at some point bvsa will no longer need direction from brock and mynor, for the glory of God.  those we have served will be the ones serving others - living out what Jesus taught, that it is better to give than to receive.

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Eric Horn said...

That's such a great way to start the day hearing about the boys serving their community on their own! God is truly working in BV!!