Wednesday, March 30, 2016

3 rhinos need support for work study program

we've got 3 young men that need a little help.

oscar, marvin, and dennilson have all been with us ever since we opened the academy doors in 2011.  we've been through more than you can imagine with these three, and in the process been able to watch them grow into young men.  they've been a challenge for sure, but we keep praying for big things, and continue to have high hopes.

marvin wants to be a mechanic, oscar a computer graphic designer, and dennislon an auto mechanic
all 3 finished their tercero basico year (9th grade) last year and did not earn scholarships to continue in the high school program the school offers.  after several meetings and discussions with the boys and as a team, we came up with a plan.

its a work study program that will allow them to go to a technical trade school in San Lucas, and earn a certificate that will help them look for work in their field.  we've used this school for several years with other boys and have a good relationship with them.  they even offered us a significantly discounted rate.

marvin and dennilson chose "auto-mechanic", and oscar chose "computer graphic design".

the program we came up with requires them to work 3 mornings a week (volunteer work at another local ministry) in order to earn their tuition and travel expenses.  its a 1-year program and they will finish with a certificate/diploma for the completed training.

the total for the year is $550 per kid.  that includes tuition, class materials, bus fare and snack.

if anyone is interested in supporting this effort, please let us know!  you can donate here, or just shoot me an email to discuss :)

thanks for helping!


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