Tuesday, May 24, 2016

a party in honor of clara

my grandma's best friend clara passed away not long ago.  clara was an amazingly kind, honest, and funny lady.  she was 90 - pictured here on the far right, with me and my grandma last year.

clara has been a supporter of our ministry since the day we left for guatemala.  for almost 8 years now, he support check has arrived in the mail on the first of the month, every month, without fail.

clara always had a special place in her heart for girls.  she had been active in community projects and ministries for girls and women practically her entire life.

so, when we received some $ that was donated at her funeral, we knew that we wanted to do something special with it.  we told clara's story to all of the Rinas (our girls soccer team), and threw a party, in clara's honor.

in order to fully appreciate this, you must know that these girls absolutely have NEVER done anything like this.  in a culture where girls/women are abused and ignored (hence the reason we long to change the men of the village), they just don't get loved on much.

most of these girls live brutally tough lives.  many of them they hike far up into the mountains, every day, to cut down firewood and hike it back down on their heads.

they raise baby brothers and sisters, acting like "mommies" when they are still young girls themselves.  they cook, clean, and work - as if their own childhood has been robbed from them.

needless to say it was an absolute joy to watch them run around a gym full of inflatable slides and rides for day, followed by a pizza party!

we wrapped up the day with a devotion from the bible, and reminded the girls of how much God loves them.  i think clara would have been very pleased.

thanks to my mom and grandma, for helping us honor clara's life and legacy with this special event.


Kickin' it 4 the KING said...

Always the best for the kids man....awesome....i imagine Clara just having a blast with Jesus and cheering on the Rinas!! Keep kickin' it 4 the King & keep doing what ya do....love and hugs from the Jackson 4!! Juanito

Tiffany said...

Happy tears!! I can't imagine the joy that your Clara felt, and Heaven rejoicing over these sweet Rinas having such a wonderful day learning about a Savior that loves them.

Pastor Mark said...

I loved the Clara party she was a precious Jewell to us at Ten Mile for many years