Monday, June 13, 2016

5 years of BVSA!

5 years ago today, we opened the doors of the buena vista sports academy.

the week leading up to that day was filled with tryouts for all the boys in the village.

the 9 months leading up to that day - full of God's provision as we watched a gymnasium, 2 classrooms, weight room, locker room, kitchen, and our home all be constructed from a starting balance of $0.

i won't attempt to summarize all thats happened in the last 5 years.  so many amazing stories and priceless memories.  not to mention the faithfulness of our team of supporters.

josue blowing out the 5 year candle
what i'm most satisfied about is that the bible has been taught day-in and day-out for 5 straight years to these boys.  many have genuinely given their lives to Jesus.  they have been baptized, and they have begun sharing their faith with their family members and friends.

stories of defending women, helping the elderly, fighting against temptation, reading the bible to family members, and standing up against all kinds of injustices are beginning to fill the village of buena vista.

being a "rhino" slowly becoming more than just being part of an elite soccer team.  


we've got 9 current rhinos still in the academy that were here on the first day 5 years ago.  from youngest to oldest, they are jake, eli, robin, milton, jhoni, oscar, pato, julio, and marvin.

with our 3 employees who are rhino graduates (josue, wilmer, and allan), that makes 12 young men still with us today who remember walking into the academy 5 years ago, with no idea what they were getting into!

so thankful for the opportunity God's given us to lead these young men to himself.  also thankful for the support from many of you along the way.

still with us, 5 years later
original JV team, 5 years ago today