Thursday, January 12, 2017

big change!

things are changing around here in a big way.

6 months ago our 2 oldest daughters moved back to the states to go to college and be university missionaries.  it left our home kind of quiet and we all had to adjust.

last sunday we moved 6 young men into our home, with the idea that they be with us for a minimum of one year.  the girls' empty rooms are now filled with bunkbeds and teenage boys.  our home is now kind of insane and we're having to adjust.

for us, this decision was a question of obedience.  God has been clear over the last year+ in telling us to begin investing more deeply in a handful of young men.  specifically, those who show real potential to be future leaders here in the academy and in the village.  so, after much prayer and discussion, we picked 6 young men and discussed with them the possibility of moving into our home on a 1-year commitment.

we explained that it would be a year of deep investment in their personal and spiritual lives.  there would be daily devotions, responsibilities, and required sacrifices from their normal schedules.  more than anything, we just believe a year living under the same roof as "one family" will provide immeasurable ministry opportunities through daily life.

finally last november, we met with their parents and shared the idea.  we figured 2 or 3 would end up doing it.  wrong!  all 6 agreed.

so as of this week, our house just got a lot crazier and our grocery bill a lot heftier.

following God is a riot.  we're excited to see what He does with this!


Eric Horn said...

Seeing this makes me excited for coming back in September! This time will definitely be great to see God work in these guys!

The Gall Family said...

I love it!!!!!!

The Gall Family said...

I love it!!!!!!

Unknown said...

This is truly amazing!!! I wish you the very best... prayers going up for your family. Becky Harmon

98 PRODUCTIONS said...
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98 PRODUCTIONS said...

Yes! This is awesome. Casa del Johnson~! Big love to you guys! - Tito