Wednesday, March 29, 2017

stories in pictures: World Sports United

we recently had a visit from our friends from World Sports United.  WSU is an organization that uses a passion for soccer to help meet needs in under privileged countries around the world.  

it was an incredible week! in addition to the obvious blessing that it was from a soccer standpoint (the team included a Division I head coach, current and former Division I players, former professional players, and current professional trainers), it was a special trip in many other was as well.  
here's some stories in pictures...

 after practice with allan and the junior varsity boys

after a full practice, and friendly game against the varsity boys

some close friends of ours recently suffered a great loss.  our friend lazaro (one of the first 12x12 homes we ever built in buena vista) unexpectedly passed away.  he left behind his wife carmen and her 9 kids.  with the WSU team, we were able to bring some encouragement and love to the family.  we painted their house inside and out with bright colors, brought new mattresses for all the beds, 100lbs of beans, 100lbs of corn, and a bunch of fruits, vegetables, pasta, milk, etc.  we also gave carmen a "lady's bag" full of sweet gifts that all women would appreciate, such as soft towels, earrings, slippers, lotions, etc.  despite the tough time they are going through, it was a special day that hopefully allowed them to feel loved by God and not forgotten.

kerrie and milena sharing the ladies gifts, and some laughs, with carmen and her daughters

eddie realized right away how big of a barcelona fan cesar was, and made his day by giving him his barca hat!  it was a very special morning with hermano cesar...

elder, jake, wisman, and cam during a tough workout out in the village.  the workout included a run through the mountains to a neighboring village, a hike up into another mountain, lugging firewood to a family in need, some soccer drills, and much more.  i think all the gringos would agree that everyone gained some respect for the physical condition of our rhinos!

eddie and his group carrying firewood through the village

after an early morning 5v5 game with some the guys...

coach ruiz doing his thing...

cam, jack, mauricio, and milena with our dear friends abuelito juanito and abuela delfina

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