Friday, March 17, 2017

stories in pictures

a well-timed picture can tell a story.  this one is from a random day out visiting families in the village last week.  the young girl was taking a break from making tortillas.  the (live) chicken hanging from my 4-wheeler was a gift that a family had given us earlier in the morning...  

our friend maximo has been paralyzed from the waist down for 30+ years.  in the last 8 years we've given him 3 wheelchairs.  (buena vista roads are tough on a wheelchair!)  but we've never given him one like this.  a friend from the states bought this one for him.  it's the cadillac of wheelchairs - the best that money can buy!  heavy duty, soft leather, moveable leg rests, etc.  he was moved to tears...

luciana is loving having the boys living with us in the house.  her and darwin watch the show "blaze" together almost every day.  denilson comes down from rhinos and goes straight to her little playroom to spend time with her.  they are all so good to her.  and she adores them all.  this picture is of her and allan together at lunch.

our weekly grocery shop with 7 young men living in our home.  should we be going through 5 gallons of milk a week?!  

with some friends visiting from the states, helping out in a local lettuce farm.

celebrating robin's 16th birthday.  our family now includes (left to right) jake, pato, robin, darwin, enrique, darwin (on the floor), and allan (not pictured)

another family visit - the view from their back porch...

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