Monday, September 11, 2017


i've blogged before, and been honest with anyone who has ever asked me, how i feel about social media.

i believe it can be a bottomless pit of self-love, self-gratification, and need for other's approval.  it can also be a fantasy world that allows you to be somebody you wish you really were.  for many, its an addiction that consumes every free second of their life.  (hint: if you hate sitting on the toilet without your phone, you might have a problem.)

so why in the world are we announcing a social media page for the BVSA Rhinos?

good question!

i've been convinced by some people i respect, that a social media outlet for BVSA would:

1- help keep the Rhino family of supporters and prayer-warriors better connected.

2- publicly celebrate all that God is doing through the Rhinos and the BVSA missionaries.

3- help towards keeping stories of God, faith, love, miracles, and hope, front-and-center in the world of social media.

simply put, i was convinced that more frequent "pings" that point to God's work through BVSA and the lives of the Rhinos can lead to healthier relationships with our supporters...  more prayers and support for the boys, missionaries, and academies...  and most importantly, more glory given to God

so... i can't believe i'm about to say this...

you can follow us on instagram at @BVSARhinos

i don't even know if i said that right.

*please note that i will not be the one managing the page :)

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