Wednesday, March 28, 2018

busy year so far...

my blog posts have been fewer ever since we started using Instagram.  i've got to get back to journaling/posting more!  but please also follow us at @BVSA Rhinos...

its been an awesome first few months of the year at bvsa.  we started the year with a ton of new boys and (for the most part) they have been nothing but joy!  this is the first year since we opened in 2011 that we've never had a new rhino quit inside the first month.  there's always someone who rebels against the structure/discipline... but this year, praise be to God, all have hung in there.

we've been teaching on the theme "who is Jesus" over the last month or so.  its been incredible and has opened the door to so many great conversations.  today we covered the point that Jesus is the only way to God and the only way to heaven.  for many of the boys, this was the first time they had ever heard that...

its been a joy to have the abegglen family here with us this year.  they arrived in january and plan to stay through june.  jeff has come on as cfo of bvsa, and has been a huge help as we grow and face new challenges getting finances to academies and missionaries in different countries.  its been great to get to know their family, grow deeper in community, and walk in faith together.

jayden & nicole (center) with cruz and luciana
we've hosted a few wonderful visitors already this year.  our dear friend david puckett came again and blessed Aldo with another prosthetic leg.  my brother chad always brings a group of friends every february, and it was once again an awesome visit.  then our friends from world sports united visited with a group of college soccer players and pro coaches.  needless to say, its so great for the Rhinos to connect with soccer peeps!  then my girls visited with a couple of their friends from college.  so wonderful to have them here!  here's a few pics...

aldo, david puckett, and mynor
world sports united with the JV rhinos
madi, brooke, tori, and logan with Las Rinas
we were also able to get over to the honduras academy and spend some time with our team there. it was such a special trip. some friends from compassion christian church met us there and we were able to spend the days in prayer and worship.  bvsa honduras is starting fresh and the ministry is alive and full of the holy spirit!  also during this special weekend, our local staff member and soccer coach, peter, accepted Jesus as his savior and was baptized!  we return to travesia, honduras in a couple weeks to officially re-open the academy.

bvsa honduras: jason, marcio, peter, jeremy, maria, yaina, and axel
peter being baptized with jeremy, kathryn, and axel
new bvsa honduras field under the lights!
we've been restructuring and remodeling things here at BVSA guatemala in preparation for our departure. i will blog more about that soon... but the clock is ticking as God is calling us to move on to share about Jesus in new territory.  we remain passionate and excited to use the world's favorite sport of futbol as a tool to share the hope and salvation Jesus!  in anticipation of our move, we've upgraded and moved the kitchen (johanna is so happy to be out of the dark corner!), expanded the weight room to accommodate our growing number of Rhinos, and moved our classrooms down the ministry house. we are still praying for a 2nd family to come and work alongside the leivas and join the effort of discipling and sharing Jesus in Buena Vista.

johanna in her new kitchen
expanded weight room
as always, we are so grateful to our support family.  thank you for your prayers, support, love, and friendship. you truly allow us to keep fighting every day.  may our king Jesus receive all the credit and glory!

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