Sunday, April 15, 2018

BVSA honduras open again!

Click here to watch a video of BVSA Honduras Opening
lots of emotions after the last week in travesia, honduras...

it was a little less than a year ago when unforeseen circumstances caused the academy in honduras to shut down. i'll never forget my friend cesar's advice shortly thereafter...  "don't lose heart. God is faithful.  Jesus is the head of the church.  if He started bvsa travesia, He will keep it alive! let's pray that he sends new workers into the harvest."

still mourning over all that had recently happened, i was blown away by cesar's optimism. and i was (very) soon to be left in awe of how right he was, and how faithful God is!

right away, jason and axel moved back to guatemala to continue working with the academy here.  peter, our staff member from travesia, stayed on site to take care of the property.

just a few days later, i received a call from a friend telling me about the foster family, who was feeling called to the mission field.

a few months later, the fosters came to visit bvsa guatemala, and on that same trip we traveled together to honduras.

about a month after that they moved here permanently, to start 3 months of training at bvsa guatemala.

in january 2018, they moved to travesia.

last week, only 11 months after its doors were closed, bvsa travesia is open and the Spirit of God is alive and moving there again!

during those 11 months, 3 people have been baptized on site, families have moved in, their kids put in local schools, prayer teams have been welcomed, new relationships have been formed, and enemy strongholds dismissed in the name of Jesus!

i am blown away by God's faithfulness.

when over 80 boys showed up for tryouts, i fought to hold back tears.  when i saw that many of them were rhinos from before (for only a few months in 2017), i fought even harder to hold my tears back!

as i watched our leadership team - the fosters, jason, axel, peter, rosemary, and marcio - step up and lead with love, passion, humility, and confidence...  i felt overwhelmed.  not to mention so proud of them.

and when the varsity rhinos finished up their first (brutal, 2hr) physical workout chanting Rinos! Rinos! Rinos! as they jogged around the field... i was overcome with emotion.

thank you Jesus for your faithfulness!  may your church in bvsa travesia lead many people to follow you!  and may those lead and disciple many, many more.....


Chad said...

Wow bro. Chokes me up to read and think about it. God is good. Love you all. Stay encouraged.

pops said...

Amazing what God is doing there. So exciting to see the spirit of those boys - Very very moving.

Vicki said...

Brock, Brother. Thank you for sharing! Great is God's faithfulness! Rinos!

S Goodman said...

Powerful, Brock! So excited things are up and running again. Our love and prayers continue!