Tuesday, April 24, 2018

why am i sad?

the house doesn't smell like a locker room so much anymore... so why am i sad?

no empty bags of chips or candy wrappers everywhere... so why am i sad?

no missing cans of mini-cokes from my private stash recently... so why am i sad?

haven't had to yell from my bed "quiet down!" at 11pm for the last few days... so why am i sad?

the bathroom isn't so disgusting anymore...  so why am i sad?

no rowdy games of tag in the house, banging through kitchen chairs, recently... so why am i sad?

our grocery bill went down dramatically...  so why am i sad?

nicho and mash moved out of the house last week after about a year and a half living with us.  true, they only moved to the guard-house next door...  but our home feels completely different.  i thought the change might be nice...  so why am i sad?

luci asked us at dinner last night, "why do things always have to change?".  such a good question.  after some logical reasoning that left her 5 year old heart/mind less than convinced, the only thing we could think to tell her was that, no matter what else:

Jesus never changes...  he's the same yesterday, today, and forever.  
hebrews 13:8

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pops said...

love her question, and of course the answer