Sunday, April 5, 2020

missionaries and coronavirus

i am so thankful for our financial support team. since the coronavirus pandemic began, to my knowledge we have not lost any financial support. thank you friends, and thank you Jesus!

i also want to take a quick opportunity to speak on behalf of our entire BVSA missionary team. for the last couple weeks, i have been on the phone for the majority of each day with our missionaries in different countries.  they are all navigating their own situations with tremendous faith and courage.

from a missionary standpoint, today's circumstances are unique in their own right.  not only are missionaries impacted financially like everyone else, but they are also navigating the uncertainties of third-world medical care & governments, complicated food distribution and broken financial systems.  meanwhile - and most importantly - embracing the big opportunities that "tragedies" create in opening hearts to the gospel.  

and don't forget that missionaries are also making decisions on how to best care for their own families too.  when you add it all up, it can certainly increase stress levels.  which leads me back to my point.  your continued support - both financially and prayerfully - serves as a MAJOR encouragement to missionaries during these crazy times.

we know the current situation is having an economic impact on everyone.  if your support of missionaries, and the great commission of Jesus, is a greater sacrifice at this time, you can be certain that God receives and uses it in greater measure.  

as you support faithfully during this season of financial instability, may Christ be blessed like he was by the widow who gave sacrificially in luke 21.

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