Monday, August 20, 2012

cesar update: eyes open

after 2 months in darkness, cesar finally opened his eyes!

the first thing he said when he saw us was "oh my, how the kids have grown!" 

he spoke of the dreams he had been having, some of our family, of he and I playing soccer, of the rhinos, of jake and his son pablo, etc.

he was full of life and smiles as we visited.  he shared how special it was, during the 2 months that he was unable to open his eyes, to receive so many visits, hear our voices, and sing with us.  he recounted all the families, teams, and visits, and shared how each one brought him encouragement from God during the tough time.

he quoted scripture.  he talked about the streets of gold that await him us.  he told jokes, and we all laughed.  his wife andrea... smiling as big as i have seen her smile in quite some time. 

we left his house in awe, once again, at God's goodness.  cesar is amazing - and how much more amazing is our God!  his ways are so out of our league to fathom.  not too long ago, we were all pretty certain that we were saying our goodbyes to cesar.  today, he looked better than i have seen him in a long time.

as usual, he repeated his mantra: "if i live, for Christ i live - and if i die, for Christ i die..." 

there is not doubt that he lives for Christ. 

andrea told us that cesar ate beef stew yesterday.  unbelievable.  for months he has only been able to take liquids.

pray with us for healing!  God is the God of the impossible.  he amazes us.  he does miracles. 

cesar reminds me of that every time i see him.


Anonymous said...

Glory to God! We are very happy to hear this news.

Betty said...

Praise God!!