Friday, November 20, 2020

grateful for the last couple months

we are so grateful for what God has allowed over the last couple months. despite the frustration and "unknowns" that were involved with coming back from africa, borders closing, and unrest everywhere in the world... we have rested in God's sovereignty and seen his purposes in all of our steps. 
not only did we want to get to Guatemala for the birth of our first grandchild... we also just wanted to be there for our daughter and son-in-law. brooke and matt literally found out they were expecting only 1 day after moving to Guatemala!  it had been a crazy first 8 months in the mission field between unexpected transition on our team, the covid-19 shut downs, and of course the surprise pregnancy!  combine that lots of new dynamics within the ministry team, and we had been fervently praying that God would open a way for us to get there. 
a path 
after some flight cancellations due to Guatemala's border not being open to flights from the US, we booked our flights into Honduras.  being legal Guatemalan residents, we figured we'd try crossing the land border. plus, this way we'd get to visit our Academy in Honduras...

With Jason & Axel in Hondo
we were able to get to Hondo and spend some quality time with our academy missionaries and staff. they were going through a tough season, and the timing of our arrival was God ordained. not only had they recently been broken into and robbed, but a shoot-out next door involving a "hired killing" left bullet holes in our academy classroom. thankfully it didn't happen during academy hours, so the only damage was to property.  still, digging bullets out of the marker board in the classroom had left our team a bit unnerved.

some tough conversations were necessary with the Rhinos and staff, and it was a blessing to be able to be there to handle that and take it off their shoulders.  it was a blessing to be able to pray with and encourage our team on the ground, and we're now looking forward to returning soon in order to help them work through some transition with new team members.

our time in Guate has been more meaningful than we could have possible imagined. not only were we able to be here for the birth of our grandson, but also for the transition of our leadership team on the ground, mynor's return, and re-opening of the Academy.  there has been so much going on here, unique challenges, spiritual warfare, etc, and we could not be more grateful to God to have been here to walk it together as a family.
baby James
The pic we receieved after a long 90 min
it wasn't without a scare, but so thankful for the healthy birth of our grandson, James (Santiago) Matthew Rolfe on Sep 24, 2020.  my daughter brooke called me from the hospital after a full day of trying to induce... crying and with desperation in her voice, she said "daddy, i'm bleeding really bad and they're taking me to emergency surgery right now, i'm scared..."  
she hung up abruptly and my heart absolutely sank. we immediately gathered together in prayer with the wilson family and God's promises began filling us with peace and joy. specifically, we claimed the promise of Isaiah 26:3 that says "you will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!"  brooke and matt told us later that when she hung up the phone, they began praying together as well, were filled with supernatural peace and all their fears were gone! 
after 90 minutes of radio silence (felt like forever!) a picture came through our family text chat of a healthy boy with his happy parents. 🙏🙏🙏
time to go
it was sep 9th when landed in san pedro sula, honduras.  we never could have imagined what the last 2+ months had in store! thankful for every minute of it... 
  • Chamusca!
    the time in honduras with our ministry team there
  • the tough meeting with all the rhinos in honduras after many things had been stolen from the property 😐
  • sweet times with jason and axel
  • our entire time in guatemala with our ministry team
  • serving brooke and matt after having baby James via unexpected c-section
  • sweet time with our grandson!
  • Allan teaching the bible
    witnessing my son-in-law become fluent in spanish in a matter of months
  • sweet time with the leivas, wilsons, rolfes, marroquin's, nicho, mash, johanna, and ruth
  • visiting Quiche on a scouting trip, and getting to know the precious walton family
  • being able to help with the re-opening of the Guate academy and the transition of new ministry roles for everyone
  • With Cesar and fam
    watching luci and the wilson kids form deep friendships
  • many 4v4 battles with mynor, oso, nicho, mash, hulises, ivan, kike, jake... they still owe us a pizza
  • weekly worship with wilsons, rolfes and marroquins
  • watching my own baby girl (brooke) become a loving mommy - incredible! 
  • witnessing what God is doing with allan and glendy, creating pillars for years to come
  • Happy grandparents!
    sharing in some challenges, surgeries, tears, etc with the wilson family and rejoicing in God's faithfulness!
  • seeing allan come alive through God's word, watching him passionately teach the rhinos 🔥
  • the joy of welcoming coach mynor back after a 6 month sabbatical! sweet reunion with the team
  • watching ryan lead and teach God's word with all his heart
  • getting to know the wilson kids and stacy better - and giving some new nicknames :)
  • sweet reunions with several rhino graduates and local families, cesar's family, the schmidts, and many more...

in other words...  witnessing God's faithfulness!!!

it's always hard to say goodbye but such an adventure following God into whatever adventure he has next!


God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  1 Corinthians 1:9

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