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Soccer to reach young men

A tool to reach boys and young men As the construction of the Quiché Project moves forward, so do our efforts of using the game of soccer to share the gospel with boys and young men. We're obviously excited to have our facilities completed and officially open the Academy ( )... but in the meantime we train 2 days a week in an open field in front of our house. The group has grown over the last year and a half, with more and more kids in our area becoming interested in what's going on. Friday's are open to all kids/all levels, and the Wednesday session is more advanced, for select players. Starting to add Bible teaching Now that we have built some relationship and gained credibility in this area, we've started a short devotional before practice. This is a big step considering how diverse the religious landscape is in the region of Quiché! For example, we've been asked by one of the community leaders to "not in any way teach against the Mayan

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