Saturday, January 21, 2012

good day

after experiencing the strongest earthquake i have felt here (the house was rocking, fridge and tables shaking, everything rattling, dogs going crazy!), it ended up being a great day.

we had our mandatory parents meeting for all 30 rhinos to kick off the 2012 year of the academy. it was an exciting night, great to see all the boys (including 6 new faces) who all expressed their excitement to get started again on monday. we had lots of positive feedback from parents, which comes as an encouragement since we've received some negative attacks lately...

looking forward to monday. we have new indoor shoes, cleats, hygiene kits, etc to give the boys. we're initiating some new changes into the program this year, all intended to help the boys love each other better - be better teammates and friends. we've only been off since christmas, but it seems like its been forever! i can't wait to get going again...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

berter, my bro, and the great physician

me, mynor and anthony were walking around today letting all 30 rhinos know about the parent meeting for this saturday. when we walked by our friends anna & berter's house (12x12 house, 3 precious boys, long history with this family) we noticed there were tons of people in their yard, mostly crying. turns out berter, the dad, following the death of their 4 month old a couple months ago, had a stroke and has been in bed ever since. (crazy they never told us.) we went inside. he had just had a 2nd stroke, and half his body is paralyzed and he cant talk. he looked disabled and deformed.

we surrounded him and prayed over him as he cried and mumbled. he looked into my eyes intently - i have never seen eyes so desperate. when we got home we called a doctor who i just went down and met at their house. he said his blood pressure is dangerously low and he needs immediate attention. it is likely he could die or be paralyzed for life. when he said the exams (just to find out what we're dealing with) could be anywhere from $400 to $500, the family just cried. they said "that is impossible, there is nothing we'll ever be able to do."

i told them about my brother chad, and that i had just received a donation from him that was designated to help someone sick. unbelievable. they rejoiced, praised God, cried, hugged, thanked, and prayed. tomorrow we're taking him to get tests done. please join us in praying for the best. we already know that our God is the Great Physician and he holds it all in his hands.

of course i could have blogged this story, sent it out to people and asked for help. but the urgency would have made the wait super tough. if he has the slightest stroke in the next 24 hours, doc said he will almost certainly die. plus the fact that the check had already been sent gave God all of the glory in that moment! just crazy. as often as God does these amazing things, i still get blown away every time! unbelievable stuff. so thankful that people listen and obey the Spirit. awesome, awesome, awesome.

tomorrow we take berter in for tests. pray for him... i will keep you posted.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"only if you become his dads"

not a quote you here everyday.

Melsar is one of our new Rhinos starting the boys academy this year. we were visiting with his grandma today, explaining that he had made the team and that we would like for him to begin at the academy.

Melsar is an orphan. his mom and dad abandoned him when he was 25 days old, dropped him off with grandma and never came back.

as Mynor explained what we do at the academy (teach the bible, education, values and soccer)... grandma responded:

"i will allow Melsar to enroll in the academy, if you promise me to become his dads." she went on to say how thankful she is, and that she believes this is the opportunity that God has been waiting to give Melsar.

i think it is too.

so excited to have him in the program, and in our home every day.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Juana and my mom's birthday present

this morning, as mark and i were walking a group of friends around buena vista on a little tour, my friend greg asked if there are any 12x12 houses we could show them. we happened to be standing right in front of the entrance into Dona Juana's house, so i said sure - lets go visit Juana and you guys can see a "before" and "after", since their old cornstalk home is still up, being used as a kitchen.

Juana is an elderly widow, no parents, kids, brothers, sisters, aunts or uncles. she has no one. in the last stages of cancer, she battles with chronic pain. her skin is being eaten away, and her nose has literally fallen off of her face.

when we found her, she was on her porch in tears. she was having a terrible day. she was banging on her head with her hands, saying the pain wont stop. she began crying out to God, "please just come and take me home". it was as miserable as i had ever seen her.

a week or two ago, i had gotten an email from my dad, saying that my mom had asked him for a unique gift for her birthday. instead of a present, she asked if he would "send brock some money to start a 'Dona Juana Fund' that could be used as needed for medicine."

as Juana was crying, scratching her body, and banging her head... i remembered the fund. i called Dr. Carlos and asked if he could come out and treat her. he arrived right away, cleaned out her nose, gave her a shot for pain, and started her on a 5 day antibiotic treatment.

when i got home, it struck me that today - january 11 - is my moms birthday.

Friday, January 6, 2012

francisco's tears

today we went out to meet the hernandez family. our friends the moreaus are in town with us, and they wanted to meet the family that they had sponsored with their fundraiser for a "home for christmas."

when we got there, i was asking francisco (the father) some questions about his life, trying to get to know him. i was not expecting what i heard.

when francisco was 9 years old he watched his parents be burned to death during the guatemala civil war. he was left with no one other than his grandma, who dropped him off at an orphanage that had just been opened by some american missionaries.

francisco grew up from that point on with 300 other orphaned kids. he credits the "north americans" for saving his life.

tonight, as he cried, he said that God had once again sent north americans to "save his family." he said he knows that God continues to rescue him. as i put my arm around him, i watched a tear fall from his cheek to the ground. i could only imagine how difficult francisco's journey has been, and that it had led to this moment, to these tears.

it was a sweet time together as we prayed for francisco and his family. the beginning of another special friendship... between the hernandez family and the moreau's, and with our family as well.